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Lasix is an active diuretic medical product which contains Furosemide if you want to buy Lasix online, read the instruction for the use of this diuretic and also all side effects which may occur while taking this medicine. But if the process of the arterial pressure lowering is not stopped, it is needed to terminate the use of the diuretic at once it provides antiedemic, hypotensive action. A distinctive peculiarity of Lasix is a fast diuretic effect which develops in 15-20 minutes after the use of the tablet. The maximal therapeutic effect appears in 1-2 hours the length of which is 6-8 hours.

Lasix may be called the best diuretic but it has both positive properties and negative consequences. Oftentimes, the patients face a very severe diuretic effect, so that calcium, ferrum, and other useful minerals are washed from the body. If the drug is used in the permissible doses, hypotension does not threaten the patient. Therefore, Lasix may be used only by the indication of the doctor and for a short period of time.

Lasix is prescribed for the different edema of the middle and severe level of the severity: cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, edema caused by burnings, hepatic failure, arterial hypertension, edema of extremities, hypertonic crisis (the injection of Lasix is recommended in this case, the therapeutic effect will be faster). The lowering of the arterial pressure and dizziness are the signs of the removal of the excessive liquid from the body.

Rules of the use:

  • Lasix is used orally on an empty stomach with a small quantity of water
  • For edema of the middle level of the severity patients are recommended to take 20-40 mg
  • In case of the hypertonic crisis or severe edema 1 tablet of Lasix 80 mg is prescribed
  • For the prolonged edema it is possible to take 2 tablets of Lasix per day. the second use of the drug must be at least in 6 hours after the last application
  • Lasix is not recommended for the everyday use.
The optimal scheme of the treatment is 2-4 days per week. Accordingly, it is better to use Lasix once per two days the deviation from the doctor’s recommendations may lead to the increase of the risk of the side effects and their intensity. As any strong medical product Lasix has certain list of the side effects which may affect not only the health condition of the patient but also the efficiency of the medical therapy.

Lasixis contraindicated for severe dysfunctions of kidneys or liver, liver cirrhosis, and acute renal failure. In case of the acute cardiovascular diseasesLasix may be used after the consultation with a doctor and in lower doses. The probability of the occurrence of the side effects is low during the use of Lasix but if the scheme of the treatment and dosage regimen were prescribed by the doctor. If you have any chronic diseases, you should tell about them to your doctor before buying Lasix online, and find out whether Lasixmay be used without prescription in your case.

In the period of pregnancyLasix without prescription may be used only by the medical indications and for a short period of time. The most probable side effects of Lasix are lowering of the arterial pressure, dizziness, dry mouth, thirst, dehydration, hypokalemia, hyponatremia. If the use of the drug is needed in the period of lactation, the breast feeding must be terminated. These side effects are related to the pharmacological action of the drug.

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